Small Spaw (1-20lbs)


Medium Spaw (20-40lbs)


Large Spaw (40+Lbs)


Spaw and Groom

Small Spaw And Groom (1-20lbs)


Medium Spaw And Groom (20-40lbs)


Large Spaw And Groom (40+lbs)


Please note that these are only our starting prices, your final price may be different as our prices are based on

size, hair type, coat condition, and behavior. 

Spaw Add Ons

Medicated Bath


Flea Bath


Shed-Less Treatment - Small (1-20 Lbs)


Shed-Less Treatment - Medium(20-40lbs)


Shed-Less Treatment - Large (40+Lbs)


A La Carte

Nail Trim and File


30 Minute Pup Massage


60 Minute Pup Massage


Online Booking Available