About Us

Meet Christine our Canine Cosmetologist

Christine has 10 years of experience grooming and 15 years in the pet care industry. She has apprenticed under two absolutely amazing groomers  and attended grooming seminars and conventions across the country. A member of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists and an ISCC Certified Massage Therapist as well as AKC Saftey in the Salon Certified. She specializes in doodle grooming, and adores making pets look their best. (Picture coming soon)

Meet OSHA our Co-Pilot

OSHA is our official Co-Piolet, Client Ambassador, and Safety Manager. Her passion is safety! She spends the day with Christine making sure she gets to each house as safe as possible, and each pup is treated with the upmost care. She loves road trips, hiking, camping, and her little brother Tyson Chicken Nugget!

Meet Sophie the Insperation

Sophie inspired Grooming Standards. She carries a special place in our heart and is what gave us our name and logo! She used to love getting fun cuts such as the Town and Country or Sweetheart cut (as seen in the picture) and strut her stuff on the run way! Now she prefers to rock a kennel cut and take long naps in the sun. She's currently retired and living with Christine's brother in Texas and enjoying her golden years with her very best friends Cory and Janie.